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Welcome to the Community of Proshare Investment Clubs. Here you'll find a range of exclusive and exciting services that will help you both run your club and find useful information for your club.

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ProShare Clubs Seminars

We are pleased to announce some exciting news for investors...

ProShare Investment Clubs is offering you a unique chance to meet and learn from the stock market experts. In other words you could make pounds and it will not cost you a penny. We are launching a series of free investment seminars providing crucial investment information on important financial topics to help you broaden your investment strategy and increase the value of your portfolio.

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Message Board

We are delighted to introduce our new Message Board, a forum for club members to exchange tips, ideas, strategies and solutions for running a successful investment club. Learn from club guru Terry Bond and other experienced clubbers who have been investing together for up to 20 years. The collective experience of 100,000 club members in 12,000 clubs across the UK is a powerful force - use it well!

Club Offers

ProShare Investors Club Manual
All you need to start and run a club: was 29.50, now just 25.